On the basis of the MFA-database world maps are created, where territories are re-sized to different categories of material flows. Based on WU's resource extraction data, the worldmapper illustrates the shares of each country in the world's total through „inflating" or „shrinking" the size of countries on a world map.  This allows visualising the worldwide distributions on the basis of different parameters in a very demonstrative way. In the following maps on different categories of material flows will be presented.

Domestic Material Consumption (DMC) in 2008
Total used extraction in 1995
Total used extraction in 2007
Fossil fuels extraction in 1995
Fossil fuels extraction in 2007
Biomass extraction in 1995
Biomass extraction in 2007
Metal ores extraction in 1995
Metal ores extraction in 2007
Other minerals extraction in 1995
Other minerals extraction in 2007

These world maps were created in kind collaboration with the Worldmapper project –

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