Data purchase is based on the worldwide first comprehensive database on global resource extraction, set up and administrated by SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute) and WU Vienna (University of Economics and Business). While download and visualisation is possible for 12 aggregated material groups, we also offer the purchase of more detailed data.

The SERI/WU database comprises:

  • 228 countries
  • >300 material categories
  • Time period from 1980 to 2011
  • Used and unused material extraction

According to your data needs we provide you with the selected data in MS Excel format. The price of the data set is calculated according to the following scheme (excluding zero values):

             0 - 100,000 data points: €0.05 per data point

100,001 - 400,000 data points: €0.04 per data point

400,001 - 800,000 data points: €0.03 per data point

               > 800,000 data points: €0.02 per data point

For further information or concrete purchase request please contact info(at)



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