Why setting up this MFA data portal?

In the past 20 years, the concept of material flow accounting and analysis (MFA) has developed into one of the most successful and influential approaches within the area of environmental accounting on the national and international level. A large number of economy-wide material flow studies have been published for industrialised, transition and developing countries and for coalitions of states (e.g. EU) by various authors from institutions around the world.

The scientific community as well as policy makers increasingly demand analyses that go beyond the presentation of MFA data and indicators (see section on MFA applications above). Thus, the basic intention of this online portal is to provide easy access to MFA data to be applied in further policy-oriented analyses.

These include issues such as

  • analyses of inter-linkage indicators of resource use and socio-economic development;
  • integration of MFA data in economic-environment models for scenario simulations;
  • link of MFA with other physical data systems such as land use data;
  • analyses on different geographical scales (from local to global);
  • sectoral analyses on material productivity and dematerialisation potentials;
  • Monitoring resource scarcity, access and security
  • Assessing the environmental impacts of resource use

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