This figure illustrates global resource extraction (only economically used extraction) per capita in 1980 and 2008 by major material category.

Global resource extraction per capita by world region 1980 vs. 2008

With 55.4 tonnes per capita in 2008, the highest numbers for per-capita resource extraction are observed for Oceania. In comparison to the year 1980 (45.8 tonnes), resource extraction per capita has increased by around 21%. The highest increases are found for the resource categories of fossil fuels (123%) and metals (96%). North America ranks second with 26.1 tonnes per capita, due to high amounts of extraction of industrial minerals, fossil fuel and biomass. With 5 to 9 tonnes per capita, developing regions in Africa and Asia are characterised by the smallest per capita numbers. World average per capita extraction increased from 8.6 tonnes in 1980 to 10.1 tonnes in 2008 (or 17% respectively).

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